Monday, October 28, 2013


I hope this won’t be too confusing….I’ll be writing the day’s journal post the following morning, just makes more sense for my schedule!

Do you hatch ideas in your sleep?  I do, and this morning I woke up and realized that I would really rather be applique-ing the dutch tiles than the Summer Surprise. (see also this blog post)   Next thing I know, I’m tracing the pattern onto fusible, and off I go!  I’ve had a block from Summer Surprise sitting waiting to be sewed, for the past week or so, but I kept thinking of those dutch tiles, and really this is kind of a boring block to sew – over and over!

When I do do machine applique, almost always I like to use one colour throughout the block…here I’ve chosen black and I think I’ll stick with it.  I think that with the this one colour accent thread it highlights the applique a bit, and with machine applique I can do that!  I have no interest in making it invisible, that’s why I do hand applique 🙂

Pictured from left to right…block partly hand sewn, finished hand applique block, finished machine applique block.

Oh!  And I did get the main fabric block kits finished for Winter’s Evening.


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