Jane’s Path…a ufq?


Have you ever abandoned quilting a quilt part way through?  Is this a UFQ?  No matter how hard the quilting might be, I’ve always finished a quilt that was started, even if that quilt ended up in back of the closet never to be seen again! 

I finally got the alternate squares quilted on Jane’s Path, and started my plan of the stenicl type designs on the pieced squares but after sewing several I just wasn’t happy with where it was going.  My machine decided to give me fits for no reason other than I assume to slow me down so I could realize I was heading in the wrong direction!  So I picked out those free motions squares (uggh), straight stitched the edges of the inner border, and removed all the pins from the centre.  The pins aren’t needed anymore in the centre, and now they’re available to use on another quilt.  Jane’s Path will have to have a time-out while I hatch a new idea for the pieced block quilting.

Here’s a pic of the front and back of the alternate square quilting – really happy with how its turned out!


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