Three very different tops finished!


This weekend I finished up some applique, which always kind of takes me by surprise!  I mark, and sew, and cut and sew, and all of a sudden the project is done 🙂  This is “Korean Tiles” by Barbara J. Eikmeier, from the book BackBasting by Hand and Machine.  The setting is something I came up with 🙂  I did make a second strip of pieced squares, but decided to go with this look…I just like it!  Bright and spring-y, despite the grey tones….hmmm, I think I know someone who would like this one as a gift!

Pam Buda at Heartspun Quilts hosted a great sew along this summer….lots of hsts at the beginning, one quick block a week, then four last week, and then it was ready to set!  Since I’ve had problems finding success in mystery quilts before, and because I really wanted a pieced wallhanging, I bought her kit for this project, called Nabby’s Dowry.  Making this quilt really emphasized for me the importance of light and dark…as each block was made it  was almost difficult to see the pattern in the block when close up to it, because some of the lights were mediums, and some of the darks were lighter…but assembled, and viewed from a bit of distance, its a wonderful quilt that will warm up a room this winter.
Finally, there is my current Craftsy class that I’m enrolled in,  Big Techniques for Small Scraps.  I made this little quilt from the first lesson last weekend, while avoiding Jane’s Path!  This is what the instructor, Sarah Feilke,  calls a step down quilt.  It did require some thought, especially at the beginning of assembly…and I must say that when she was teaching this technique I seriously thought about dropping out of the class!!  But in the end it did all make sense, as she promised, and I can see using this idea to set a variety of small blocks.


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