Slow quilts?!


In the past few weeks, I’ve had reason to really dig into the guest room to make it a guest room, not a storage annex for my sewing room!  I am more than a little surprised at how upset I feel to see so many tops, so many finished quilts, just sitting there.  Of course there are many more finished quilts all over the house, at my kids’ homes and various other places, but geez, how many quilts can one make??

I think I’d like to make a pledge to myself….slow quilts only!  Those quilts that  are made with intricate difficult piecing, or hand piecing, hand applique, blocks of the month that would stretch out the finished date. Unless it’s a slow quilt, no more starting a quilt without knowing its purpose or intended recipient.  No more starting a quilt because “that would be fun!”, or it will be use these fabrics, or worse, I can buy these fabrics!! Look at this pic of tops hanging in the closet…and so many of these tops I’m so thrilled to have made!…when will I quilt them all ?!

One exception to the slow quilts goal will be those fun little quilts to make just to learn or practice a technique, or just because.  I’m doing a small quilt quilt along with Pam Buda; last week I signed up for a Craftsy quilts on small quilts (more about that soon!); and I have plenty of scraps to play with for when a small quilt calls my name!

I should say I’m at a good crossroads in my works in progress, that will help me perhaps focus on the slow quilts goal.  Whoo Knows is intended for Wendy, and is a b.o.m. that doesn’t finish for almost a year! (two checkmarks for that one :)), All Roads Lead to the Sea is one my husband requested, also a b.o.m.; Catcus Stars, paper pieced, is definitely a slow quilt in that I can barely make one a month!,  Just Takes 2 Schoolhouse will be finishing up soon.  Then I have a quilt to make for my nephew who’ll be finishing high school in June; and, I recently bought a fat quarter bundle of versatile fat quarters which could be christmasy or wintery, with the intent of making a Christmas quilt for us!

A couple of scrap quilts in progress round out the list, and those are just to play with.  So more applique, more hand piecing, maybe even hand quilting?! lol.


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  1. One of my excuses for making more quilts (than I can easily finish) is that my husband is constantly encouraging me. And there's a quilt kit at Sew Sisters that is calling my name. 🙂

    You're an inspiration to me!

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