Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned….


Since I was having trouble getting stuff accomplished in the sewing room, I made up a little list in my head of things I can do  Ha!

First was the Korean Tiles pattern from the book Back Basting Applique by Hand and Machine.  I just fell in love with the quilt shown in the book, but I could not recreate it from my stash.  After numerous tries, I started sewing the block on the left side of the small pic….nothing really wrong with it, but I didn’t much like it.  So I treated myself to a wonderful fat quarter pack from Pink Chalk Fabrics (I love this store…great bundles, great shipping prices) and came up with the block on the right.  The black background didn’t feel right to me.  Finally I put together the block on a very pale yellow, and here you go!  I’m very happy with this one and have started sewing the second block.

I then tackled the final border on Jacqueline’s Album, and that worked out well.  The quilt did need that last plain border 🙂  So as I’m sewing it on I’m thinking this is the quilt I’d like to quilt next.  Started thinking about backing fabric, and went to the cupboard for batting and no proper size batting!  Oh no.  I just had two queen size rolls.  OK.  Well I have no shortage of tops to quilt!  I choose Jane’s Path, which I had a backing for, and got it all pin basted, only to realize I have no white cotton thread!

How can I not have plain white thread??  I have silk white thread, matte poly embroidery white thread, some fine cotton thread on a small spool for applique….

So no quilting this week.  I’ll have to order some thread, which means that I’ll be facing that Connecting Threads basics sale, which I already tried to ignore 🙂  And I’ll go ahead and order a batting roll or two…oh, and maybe some clearance fabrics will be good for backing!

Instead this week I think I’ll give a try to assembling some tops…I have two with the pieces all set to go, but they are the types of quilts that require a bit of thinking and looking before assembly so we’ll see how I make out.


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