This summer my husband has been at home a lot on vacation from work, and my youngest son has been struggling with getting himself out of the nest so to speak, so I have been unable to really concentrate on much in my quilting.

What I did get done was the grid quilting on Pieces of the Past, something which should have taken only a few days but instead took a few weeks!
Other things I’ve done are shown in this pic of my flannel wall…
the sunflower wallhanging/tabletopper is my version of the Raspberry Rabbit’s Dresden Sunflower, I’m looking forward to quilting this one!  
And a few blocks….the August 1 blocks of the month Whoo Knows (Fat Cat Patterns) and Schoolhouse (Just Takes 2).  A feathered star block from the book A Flock of Feathered Stars, I’ve been working on one a month and this is my fifth block, I’ll write more about this pattern when I make the sixth block!  There’s a block that will be part of a sampler from the book Shape Workshop.
Then a trial of a pattern called Korean Tiles from the book BackBasting Applique by Hand and Machine….I loved the picture of this quilt in the book,, and I don’t think mine has much impact, so I’ve treated myself to some new fabrics to try this one again! 🙂

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