Do you sew every day?


I’ve been feeling like I have been not sewing at all! But this morning after making myself go into the sewingroom and sew just one block, I have realized I have actually accomplished much more than I thought during this “vacation” from sewing.  I call it a vacation because I just have been feeling motivated to sew every day as I usually do…I guess with the weather, and odd schedules for my son and husband, I have just fallen out of routine.  But somewhere somehow I managed to…..

finish the latest owl in Fat Cat Patterns’ Whoo Knows series


sew approximately 160 hsts for Pam Buda’s quilt along; sew umpteen more hsts for a  double triangle border on Jacqueline’s Album

start a felt wool applique project from The Raspberry Rabbit…this pattern doesn’t seem to be available any longer but she has many interesting and original wool felt applique and stichery designs

And that block I started this morning is the 12th in the Just Takes 2 Schoolhouse series, so I thought I’d make a final decision on the sashing…

Not bad for a vacation!  What’s also been sticking at me is this quilt, Piecing the Past…which I pin basted weeks ago but have no inspiration yet to start.  Its sitting there beside the machine just looking at me…while I avoid it, lol.  I know that sooner than later I will start quilting that quilt and what I decide to do will just come to me one day!


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