Colour Groupings


This is about all I’ve this week!  I’m suddenly bored with what I’m working on, so I decided to take a break from actually sewing and instead spend the week quilting with my imagination!  While just sitting on the deck, or puttering around the house, I’m daydreaming about my current projects, tops to quilt, and quilts to start!

I’m wanting to begin a new applique quilt…full sized…so I made little piles of fabric from my colour drawers.  Not much jumping out yet!  In the process of sorting these colour drawers, I discovered I didn’t have as much as I thought of larger pieces…these colour drawers are meant for scraps and fat quarters, but they were mostly really small scraps, or odd pieces that didn’t play well with others in any groupings.

blues, with cream and tan

yellows…and orange with pinky tones, not brown tones


red and pink

turquoise blues

And an odd assortment of greens.
As usual for me, its far easier for me to put together fabrics for a pieced quilt.  This is for a sampler quilt from the book Shape Workshop by the Fat Quarterly group.  I love this grouping, and I will not change or steal from this one!!


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