Mini Bow Ties!


The Temecula Quilt Company is having a bow tie quilt along this summer…the goal being approximately 1000 2″ finished size bow ties to make up a good sized quilt.

Well I thought this was a good idea!  I have so many repro scraps, and I don’t mind sewing small…so I plunged in.  But, I had forgotten just how much time it takes to sort through scraps, press them and cut them into these itty bitty pieces.  Oh boy!  I started by cutting then sewing a dozen or so at a time, about every day.  The cutting took longer, much longer, than the sewing!  Partly due to my shoulder, partly due to the messy drawer called”repro scraps”, and partly just because I can’t stand for all that long!

I finally decided to just dig in, and over the course of the day I came up with this many pieces cut for bow ties (I’m guessing about 120 blocks), and a much reduced and much neater scrap drawer.  I also realized I could make this whole thing a bit easier by using charm pack squares so I may buy one or two of those to quickly cut up into more blocks. (The charm squares could each make two bow tie blocks, with a 1 1/2″ strip left over for pineapple blossom blocks.)

10000 or so bow ties might just be too much, lol.  So I started playing on EQ and came up with a few blocks and quilts using the bow tie blocks in smaller amounts…my favourite so far is this one which I’m calling Polka Dot Bow Ties!


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