What have I been doing?


Well the answer to that is lots of quilting, a little bit of piecing, and hardly any hand applique!

I have somehow injured my shoulder (or neck, or back) and the pain from my neck/shoulder down to my fingertips is hindering my rotary cutting….and of course, despite being usually having pieces cut ahead of time, I don’t seem to have much that’s ready to sew.

What I did have mostly “kitted” was a  quilt called Getaway from the Martingale 2013 calendar.   The pattern was designed byCarrie Nelson, and she has come up with some neat piecing tricks to make the border triangles at the same time as the centre blocks.

 I started piecing it the weekend before this past one, then realized it would be great for my daughter’s new apartment, so after some talking with her, I promised I’d have it ready by the end of the week for her to pick up when she comes for a visit (she lives out of town, and doesn’t come home often.)
I did get it all finished, but somehow it left the house before I got a pic of all quilted.  And I really wanted a picture because I was really happy with the types of free motion I had done!  Here’s a pic of the top…

I did also finish quilting Moonglow, but no pics yet as it has to be washed…that is a *big* quilt…87 x 87….with my shoulder as it is, I can hardly lift it, lol!

A little bit of rotary cutting and piecing is also going on, as I keep up with current projects and plan a few new ones!


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