On point quilts in Electric Quilt, Gathering Stars and Sprigs top done!


Here it is, my version of Stars and Sprigs by Kim McLean, which I’m calling Gathering Stars and Sprigs.

The quilt centre sat on my shelf for a few months while I thought about borders.  I didn’t want to do the applique borders, as wonderful as they are, as I really wanted this to be a practical quilt and with two dogs jumping off and on our bed, I could just see all that applique being clawed and pawed!!

Once I decided on a pieced border, I had to tackle the Electric Quilt math!  A quilt on point will always end up with a weird size, in this case 67.882.  When you add the next border, the size will have to be something that roughly adds up to a size for the next border that you can use to divide into yet another border.  I added a 2.125″ border, which meant that the quilt was now 72.132″ big. Okay, so I can divide 4″ into 72″, and kind of forget about the .132″ as it is less than an 1/8″ and that small an amount can be eased into a quilt of this size.

So now I make a new quilt.  I set four  blocks into a square quilt, to make a quilt centre that is  67.75″ big.  That extra, between 67.882 of the original and 67.75 for the planning quilt, can be eased in with the first border.  From then on, I can add borders to my hearts content, always only seeing reasonable decimals that 1/8″ or 1/4″.

Hope this makes sense!


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