Outdoor applique sewing season!


During the past week I’ve been working a bit here and there on quilting on Moonglow; also some piecing of works in progress, and of course applique!

Yesterday morning I sat down to some quilting, then got thinking of the bluebells block I’m in the middle of sewing…how does it look with the sunflower?  So I put those two on the flannel and next thing you know I’ve decided to spend a few hours planning and preparing the remaining two blocks in this wallhanging.

These blocks are all from Baltimore’s Country Cousins, as mentioned in previous posts.  The bottom two blocks are rose, and thistle.  I decided to do all of the applique prep as freezer paper templates, these pieces are pretty large and placement accuracy isn’t very important in the layout of the pieces.  Its nice to know I have these ready to sew as the “summer patio applique  sewing season” is here!  This quilt will need some more desgining as to how its set; and a name…anyone have any ideas?

After getting that prep work completed, I realized  now is the time to make a decision about Jacqueline’s Album border.  I’ve been in a real quandry about this…I have never done an applique border as honestly, they scare me!  So much fabric, so many pieces, and in this quilt, a mitred border to boot!  Why not do just a plain border instead?!

All the leaves in this border design tuck under the vine, so they have to be sewn on first.  And, all the leaves are different sizes.  Do I make freezer paper templates?  Well that would mean a lot of drawing, cutting, marking, cutting again…also numbering each leaf shape to put it where it should.  I know I could revise this border any way I want to…make less leaves, or less elements, make the leaves more similar in size, have them point to the vine instead of under the vine.  But I kept thinking, if I’m going to make this first applique border attempt, I’d like to do it the way the designer intended…and it is a lovely design, packed with leaves, berries, and various flowers.  Here’s a link to the designer’s page.

In the end I decided backbasting would give me the most accuracy to make sure those leaves end up under the vine.  Backbasting would also allow me to make sure I had a good variety of greens, spread out throughout the length of the border.  And, after I have sewn the leaves, I could use templates for the flowers and remaining elements…I often mix up applique methods!

I figured my best bet would be to pin all my little green leaf pieces to the border fabric, then baste and trim them.  Then they’ll be ready to applique.  If I make it though this border without pulling my hair out, then I’ll proceed to the remaining borders!  Could be a long time till this is all done!


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