More Applique


While I love the birds for Spring Dawn, they are not needleturn applique!  So continuing on my quest to pick a project (or two, or more!) that will keep me busy on the deck in the sunshine, I started these baskets, from the Rabbit Factory`s pattern Bountiful Baskets.

I think they might turn into a quilt like this!

And then there are sunflowers.  Do any of you seem to get inspired in your sleep…wake up with an idea nudging at you that you realize  you thought of during the night?!  That’s where the sunflowers idea came from.  I’ve been looking through all my applique books over the past month or so, and I guess somewhere this block got stuck in my head 🙂  It’s the cover picture, Sunflower and Sweet Peas, by Susan McKelvey in her book Baltimore Country Cousins.

My plan right now is to make a four block quilt of these sunflowers repeated.  The blocks are 16 inches square…much larger than I’m used to working with!

Here it is mostly laid out…I spent all yesterday afternoon playing with fabrics, and I think I like this!  The stems are backbasted (by machine), I find this works well when some leaves go under the stem and some go right up against it.  A few stitches removed from the basted stem makes it easy to talk in a leaf.  

I am hoping these two quilt ideas will be the final answer to my fidgety, picky, indecisiveness with applique!


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