Spring Dawn


I’m keeping the bird! I’ll be using it in a quilt with the blocks from Snow Days, for now I’ll be calling the quilt Spring Dawn. Here’s a rough idea of what it may look like.

What happened to Snow Days??  Well, it turns out backstitch embroidery and I don’t get along.  To do a good backstitch, one needs to sew one stitch at time, in from the top, out from the back.  This means that my arm is constantly “up” so to speak, never resting on a pillow which I can do with stem stitch, applique, even blanket stitch.  Part way through the embroidery on the fourth block, I thought…well I can’t continue doing this…the pain was too much, it seemed my arm, shoulder and wrist was never going to adjust to that movement.  So I stopped.  This was about six weeks ago, and ever since I’ve been searching through my patterns for ideas to use with the blocks I had cut and prepped.  The Snowbound embroidery was a good idea, but the birds really caught me!  I guess because there are finally birds singing outside my window!


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