So what goes with what ?!


I have been under the weather for the past several days and as so often happens when I spend too much time resting and not enough time actually quilt-making, I start to imagine how some of my projects might work better if I shuffled things around a bit!

First, the pieced hexies….while I like my over plan (which is to make these three hexie patterns in those colour combinations repeated throughout the quilt),  I’m not sure that I have enough variety of fabrics to make up a large quilt of these hexies.  On the other hand, these colours would make a wonderful applique quilt!  And now that Jacqueline’s Album is nearing the end, of course I’m thinking about what I might do next.

If I decided to do the hexies in another fabric combination, one idea might be all those batik charms and strips I cut up from scraps a few weeks ago.

Then there are the owls from whoooo knows, by Sindy at Fat Cat Patterns.  I’ve restarted these little guys in a black and white design…here is a pic of one in which I’ve just laid out on a piece of background.  That little piece of background is just a scrap, so I had to order a dark background and decide on fabric for frames.    

I already have a good length of solid black, but I’m not sure that’s what I want to use for the owls.  The “charcoal mirage” fabric |I ordered from Connecting Threads now seems a bit on the brown side.  I’m going to use light grays-silvers for the block frames.

Then it occurred to me to use that charcoal as a background for the fabric from the hexies to make the applique quilt!  Or use the solid black and the batik charms to finally make Affairs of the Heart!  

And round and round I go.


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