Sherri Falls’ Mystery Monday done!


Thank you Sherri, Little Bits of This n That patterns, for a great little quilt design!  I just put it together using what I call “inside out”.  I’m entertaining for Easter this weekend, so no time to quilt even a little quilt!  I just pressed it well, put it on the side table and voila!  a little spring decorating!

Inside out quilt….layer the batting, then the backing right side up, then the quilt top wrong side up…so the two right sides are together 🙂  Sew around with a quarter inch seam, leaving about 3-4 inches un-sewn for turning (depending on the size of the quilt!).  For points like these,  I sew right off the edge at each point then start again at the edge of the next sewing line…so there is a cross at the interesection…this seems to make the points a little stronger and more likely to be point-ier.

After sewing, trim all around with a pair of pinking shears, trimming the seam allowance a bit.  Cut off the seam allowance at the points.  Make a good sharp cut into each inside corner, right up to the seam.

Turn inside out, poke out the corners with a point turner or a pin or an awl.  You can gently tug on each side of the inside corner which makes it lay nicely.  Press well!.  Some top stitching is usally done along the edges, and to close the seam left open, and the rest can quilted as you like.


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