A little of this and little of that!


The last week in the studio was a little scattered, working on a block from that quilt and another from this basket!  Some applique, some embroidery, some quilting, some piecing.

(I had such a difficult time with picture taking this morning… a half hour just to do the pic of summer reigns, gave up and decided tilted at least made it interesting!)

Summer Reigns variation was quilted and bound.

A pieced hexie!  And two more cut, pieced, and ready to paper piece.

My husband got busy and put up a small board for me to staple on a flannel tablecloth as a design board, here are the Shipshewana Scrappy blocks to date.

Mike also (finally) built the base for my cutting board table.  Up till now the table top was resting on a treadle sewing machine, so stuff was constantly piling up and around the pedal and parts of the base.  When we removed it, my goodness what a mess!  Then all the re-organization when I used the new storage to replace a bookshelf that had been in the way.  Still needs more work!  Then the treadle had to be put *somewhere*! which caused moving furniture everywhere, mostly back and forth, lol.  My son and husband were happy to be back at work today!

We’re hosting family for Easter dinner on Saturday…which means more tidying. The guest bedroom a.k.a. the sewing annex is a disaster, and the downstairs family room a.k.a. Mike’s dumping ground, need to be put in order (especially as the downstairs family room is where we set up tables for dinner for 12, or more?!)  I think that if we didn’t have company visiting, some chores would never get done!!


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