National Quilting Day!


I’m Canadian, but I’ll take any opportunity to talk about quilting!

To celebrate National Quilting Day, I’m going to talk about how I’m succeeding in doing some new things in my quilting.  It’s the middle of March, and I’ve realized that I have come a long way in meeting my goal this year, which was to try new techniques, new fabrics, and new habits!

 I started out the year with the huge embroidery project, Snow Days.  While I have done lots of stem stitch embroidery, this one really does need to be done with a back stitch due to all the detail…for some reason I find this much  more difficult but it is getting easier as I get along.  Four blocks done!

I’m almost complete with the centre of Jacqueline’s Album, and this time I’m actually going to do the applique border…a first for me with hand applique quilts!

Those speciality rulers I’ve bought over the years are finally getting used…I’ve started a scrappy pineapple quilt, using the possibilities quilt ruler, and I’m nearly done a pattern that uses the Tri Recs tool for those rectangle star points.  I think I also have an idea to finally use Marti Michell’s kaleidoscope ruler!

I’ve got plans for a paper-pieced quilt, and I’m working on a machine applique quilt,  both skills which I rarely use.  And while the Antique Sampler quilt that I completed was mostly english paper piecing, I’m going to give a try to the pieced hexies that Mickey Depre has written about in her book.

I’m using my stash on hand for many quilts, surprising myself with just what I have on my shelves, and adding to it without guilt to complete an idea for a quilt.  And I’m using a new palette of lighter brighter fabrics for the schoolhouse quilt.

Lastly, I’m making use of the Craftsy free motion class I took, and many free motion tutorials around the web, to plan and draw my quilting designs before I quilt…and I’ve already completed two large and one small quilt this year!

I began quilting in January 2001…and I keep finding new and fun ways to challenge myself while making quilts!


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  1. Happy International Quilting day to you too! You've been doing lots of fun things in quilting this year. Not sure what that quilt in the bottom pic is but its gorgeous! I love it.

  2. Nice to read your post and hear about your goals/achievements 🙂 I love your Sue Daly quilt; I have bought this pattern and collected some fabric but haven't started it yet. Your pineapples are pretty cool too!
    Hope you had a great quilting/sewing weekend!!

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