The stippling on the outer star border on Stars for a New Day did get done, and I even got a nice leaf design quilted on the first centre border…but I’m still stuck on the centre.  And, somewhere along the line when I started this quilt my open toe dual feed foot broke – yep, broke – a teeny tiny screw feel out that holds the foot together.  I’m waiting for a new one so that might hold up finishing this quilt.

I also spent some time this week cleaning up scraps.  Gay at Sentimental Stitches has designed a great new pattern, from an old quilt, called Shipshewana Scraps.  I thought it would be great for all my little repro pieces…but I got looking at the neutrals I pulled out for the Moda quilt along, and looked again at those block patterns, and had an exciting idea to use those neutrals in the Shipshewana Scraps blocks.   I cut many many strips to suit the pattern and put them into dollar store gift bags so I can (hopefully) just randomly pull out strips to cut for each block.  I really think this will be an interesting quilt!
Then I attacked my batiks drawer…I don’t use batiks often and I’m sure how I collected so much.  I realized that many of them were already cut into 5″ squares and 2 1/2″ strips, so I cut the smaller pieces into the same sizes and put aside about a dozen pices that were a about a fat quarter or larger.  Into a tin, and they are ready for a quilt one day.

On the weekend, I made the third schoolhouse block and cut and strip pieced house sections for the remainder of the blocks.

I also prepared but not yet sewed the second owl block from Fat Cat patterns.  

I guess I’ve been busier than I thought!   Yesterday I spent the day working on finishing the fourth block of Snow Days, its one of those blocks that looks like its done, but still has more trees and things to be sewn once the block is attached to the pieced blocks above and to the side.


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