Three New Tops!!


While avoiding picking out the quilting on Stars for a New Day, then while avoiding deciding on a new quilting motif for that border, I attacked my almost-done tops boxes.

First up was Sashed Strings.  I had made all the string blocks, and precut the strips for the setting, so I went at it, and here it is. I’m not sure how much I like it, the fabrics are actually a bit duller than in the picture, and I think it might have been better with more blocks.  Many of the fabrics are wovens and will make a warm and cozy couch quilt for the winter.  Sashed Strings is a variation of a pattern by Evelyn Sloppy, called Plaid Obsessions, in her book Strips and Strings.

Sashed Strings,  57″ x 73″

Next box on my shelf was Easy Street.  This just needed to be set, as all the blocks and setting triangles had been sewn.  “Just needed to be set” is a matter of opinion though, as a diagonal set does require a bit more thinking, and loooonnnngg seams!  I’m very happy with how this turned out, and pretty pleased with myself for sticking with all the repetitive sewing that is not my strong suit.  I did make it full size, four across and four down, I just couldn’t get it all to fit in the picture!

Easy Street, 87″ x 87

Last, was the blocks and setting pieces for Piecing the Past.  This is a craftsy course presented by Kay England.  Kay gave a great class, giving history of the blocks, and some very useful piecing tips.  The quilt layout for the blocks was given as part of the class, but I wanted to make it a little bigger.  I’ve been musing about this quilt for some time, and I figured as I was on a roll with putting together these almost-tops, I might as well do the same for Piecing the Past.

I’m very happy with how this turned out!  I made the blocks with no colour plan in mind, just keeping with reproduction style fabrics.  Its not often, if ever, that I just make blocks with whatever colour strikes my fancy, or with what I have on hand, or even using the reference block as  a guide. I sketched out on EQ the main sections of the quilt as Kay had given, then moved them around a bit to give me more width and length.  I really wanted to add a vine section, just to give the quilt design some space.  And I found that a couple of orphan applique blocks fit in very nicely!  Then, the border fabric I used had been a candidate for so many other quilts, and it finally found just the right home in this quilt.

Piecing the Past, 62″ x 72″

So, now that I finished with these tops, its definitely time to get back to the quilting of Stars for a New Day!


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