Not a good way to start the day!


I have three borders quilted on Stars for a new day.

As a reference, here’s a pic of the quilt top.  I didn’t yet have an idea for the centre, so I started with the pinwheels.  There I quilted curved connecting lines to form a pumpkin seed shape.  For the fancy stars border, I did grid quilting to accent those pretty stars.  Along the flying geese border, I quilted a long straight feather design.  
I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do on the sawtooth border, and I started that this morning.  Ugghh…did not go as planned.  The idea was to put a kind of three-loop flower in the centre of the stars, connecting them with loopy meandering.  After a few stars I realized this wasn’t looking as good as I hoped. So then I tried again on another section, this time connecting the flowers with a double curve on the spacer strip…nope.  I’ll have to pick out this quilting and think up something else…I do like the flower idea but I’m struggling with how to connect them.


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