Beginning is always the hardest!


I`m about to embark on quilting Stars for a New Day (finally!).  While pinning the sandwich yesterday, I was wondering just how I did such a good job in picking fabrics!  I love this quilt, and I think I was a lot more adventurous in fabric mixing then, than I have been since.  The only thing I would change is perhaps the dark centre star fabric, maybe a little too Christmas-y looking.


This is a big quilt, 85`square, with lots of borders, many small pieces in the stars, and I`m sure challenges ahead in what I`ll use from my quilting arsenal.  I`ll start wtih stitch in the ditch around the borders and the centre medallion, then hopefully I`ll have some ideas by then!



While I was working up the courage to put that quilt under the needle, I cut out the fabrics for SherrI Falls’ Mystery Monday.



I did one of these last year, and I found it was a great way to use those small pieces of fabric that are wonderful but not big enough for a quilt.  Its easy to follow along as she makes a small quilt, and really nothing to lose except fabric that may have just continued to sit in your stash!


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