Two great new online programs!


Every new year brings an abundance of new on-line block of the month projects…so many great quilts of all sizes, different techniques, and inspirational colour ideas!  I start collecting them, not sure which I will actually commit to.  I came close to working on Jingle by Erin Russek, and Fanciful Four Square by Lynn Brown…but then came Whooo Knows by Sindy Rodenmayer of Fat Cat Patterns.

My daughter was home for the weekend and nearby when I first saw the owls in this quilt…and Wendy was quickly looking over my shoulder as I exclaimed about this quilt.  She immediately asked if I would make it for her…and I said, sure  if you can wait awhile…it will be your Christmas 2014 gift!   To make it even better for me, I was able to find enough fabrics in my stash to get going on it, and I just need to supplement some more brown in a few months.  Me, without enough of the right browns!!  Here`s a pic of the first block I finished yesterday.


The next series that grabbed my attention on Friday was the new Just Takes 2 program, a schoolhouse sampler.  You can see the details here.   Gay and Brenda presented such great blocks last year in their original Just Takes 2 quilt, I knew I had to take part in this one as well.  And a schoolhouse quilt has been on my wish-list for years.

I went through my stash and decided on a rich dark solid brown for the schoolhouses and scrappy pinks for the sampler blocks…but after making the first block it didn`t look as good as I had hoped.  So I found a great dark blue print  for the schoolhouses, and I think I`ll stick with the pink as a the second colour.  Hopefully I`ll have the first block done by the end of the week!


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  1. I don’t know anyone into owls but this makes a very nice block. I had not looked at Sindy’s website in a while.

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