I’ve been on a sewing break


I’ve taken the last week or more to just not sew or quilt….but I have done a bit of hand applique and embroidery.  I am more worn out than I thought from Christmas and the various family happenings, so I’ve taken a bit of time out from the sewing room.  When I do this, I usually spend some time browsing through my saved quilting files, my EQ projects, and of course lots of quilty web sites!

I think I really need a change.  I want to break from my usual style of reproduction and country style fabrics….I still have plenty to use up but every time I see a pattern that might work, I think, meh!  (that’s my daughter’s word for so who cares!).  I also know that I have way too many full sized quilts, lol, both as tops and as almost finished tops.  I want to make smaller wallhangings and minis, and use some of those designs I have in EQ.  I need some fresh fabrics to get me started!

In the meantime, I’ve stepped back into the sewing room and the Easy Street pieces are all over the place!  So I’ll spend today and tomorrow sewing up some more units that will make up the blocks, which will reduce the piles, and then I can put it away for a rainy day to finish.

I also started, just barely started, quilting a top that has no name….Farmer’s Wife blocks set into a pattern by Lori Smith.  Once I get the stitch in the ditch done, I think I’ll have fun with the rest!

farmer's wife-lori smith 60 x 78



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