Some piecing and quilting!


My son came home from hospital yesterday afternoon, and until his next surgery at the end of the week, he is happily in his cave with his technology at hand!  My daughter has cleaned out her cupboards from all gluten items that she might crave, and reports that she is managing ok and even found a decent gluten free chocolate chip cookie 🙂  And, my kitchen is at the stage where it is definitely functional, much better than the old design, just waiting for floors and trim and touch up paint.

So I got to go into my sewing room without much distraction and quilt finally on my Horizon that came back from the tech on Christmas Eve.

I quilted a stippling design on the small brown squares, and a free-flowing leaf vine on the outer border area…all without one thread break!  My horizon was just like she used to be!


twelve of eleven quilting two

Next on my really want to do list was Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street.  I really wanted to see what my blocks might look like.  Well, first I realized that some of my greens were just far too yellow for the rest of the fabrics, so they had to go away.   Then I realized I lost or maybe didn’t cut the setting triangles.  I hope I have enough of the other greens left to make up for what I’m not going to use and what I still need to cut.  Anyway, the blocks show some potential to be one of the ugliest quilts I’ve ever made, lol, or just an interesting scrap quilt.  We’ll see!

easy street blocks


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