Snow Day!


Crabapple Hill Studios has a great winter quilt pattern called Snow Days.    While I like their colour scheme for the quilt, I do find it a bit dark…so I decided to make my version as a Snow Day.  The kind of Snow Day that we had as kids, where its the first big snow of the winter, when we’ve woken up with inches of freshly fallen snow, the sun is shining, and its time to play outside…no school!!  With that in mind, I’ve chosen a light tan, pink, blue and steel blue, dark red, to brighten up the quilt and reflect the fun and spirit of a Snow Day!


Snow Day, block one

Snow Day, block one


I chose the Wimsicals line of fabric called Simply Imagine, and spent a lot of time choosing the embroidery background fabric.  Do you know many different shades of white and cream there are!! lol.  I finally chose Pearl by Free Spirit (Pink Chalk fabrics has the best selection of solids from all kinds of lines!).

The piecing and embroidery in this quilt isn’t difficult, but there’s a lot of it!!  Many of the embroidery blocks are joined to pieced blocks then the embroidery runs from the plain block over on to the pieced block. I really did want to complete each block’s embroidery as I went along, rather than leaving all the joining and embroidery finishing to the end.  The disadvantage to this is I can’t lay out the quilt before assembly to possibly re-arrange placement.

I  roughly drew the quilt plan on EQ7 and coloured thefull blocks.  There are a number of full blocks, and lots of  small filler blocks.  Knowing I had to make the main fabrics last as far as possible, I prepared rough pre-cuts of all the main blocks on the border and centre, to try to arrange the colours as best as I could.  Now I have the scraps to make the filler blocks,   and I’m ready to sew each  block section as I complete the embroidery.  This quilt will likely take the year to sew and if I’m very lucky I’ll have it ready for next Christmas!



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