Just Takes 2 and Easy Street part two


I was so excited to see the December 1 instructions for Just Takes 2.  I got to see it assembled.  Here’s the quilt that Gay at Sentimental Stitches completed….click here and scroll down a bit for a full view…isn’t it wonderful?!

Part way through making my Just Takes 2 quilt I got to worrying about having enough red fabric.  I had had a few oopsies, and I know my red may not be found six months later, so I ordered an extra emergency yard.  So after receiving the last block instructions, I had to drop everything to cut the red pieces required.  I did have just enough left without touching the extra yard…this is all of the leftovers.

jt2 last cutting



Despite wanting so badly to finish that Just Takes 2, reason took hold and I got back to work on the Easy Street flying geese for part two.  And I did have Christmas decorating to do, Christmas baking, a present or two to finish up, so Just Takes 2 has to wait for now.


Easy Street, part two

Easy Street, part two


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