What was I thinking?! and Easy Street fabrics


I’ve been working away at quilting my son’s T Shirt quilt, to have it mostly done before Christmas creeps up on me, so I set myself a goal of having it all quilted but the binding by November 23….why that date?  Because  a Bonnie Hunter mystery starts that day!!  I’m not very good at doing a lot of sewing at one time, so I’m not sure how much time this quilt might take up…and Bonnie’s quilts always have lots of sewing!!

So, back to the T Shirt quilt.  When I began to do the quilting, I looked at the cornerstone blocks, and thought what?!!!  Why on earth did I do that ?!!!  Look….the block, I guess you could call it a kind of uneven nine patch, is uneven in the opposite way to the sashing..what was I thinking?


It looks okay, but really, did I plan it like that?  My EQ drawing shows it like that, did I just not notice that it was “opposite” to the sashing, or did I do it in purpose?  I sure wish I knew, lol.


When Bonnie Hunter announced her latest mystery quilt, I told myself that I would only do it if I could come up with fabrics from my stash…and I did.  Pink, blue, green, white/ivory background, and black “constant”.  Hope this works!!



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