Quilt Tops and More Quilt Tops!


This past summer I worked away at finishing tops that were at the “almost done” stage….this included Dear Jane, Garden Fence, Antique Sampler, Moonglow, a variation of the Farmer’s Wife . My flimsy count now stands at eleven tops, not including Twelve of Eleven and my older son’s T shirt quilt.  Some tops have been in my closet for a few years and may never get finished until I know of a recipient.  Others I’m anxious to get to the quilting so they are finished and can be used/displayed and enjoyed!

So after all that sewing this summer, I thought okay, that’s it, no more big tops.  I stocked up on batting and backings and thought I’d spend the winter doing nothing but quilting.  Ha!

It doesn’t seem to have worked out that way!  Just Takes 2 will be done in a month or so, Piecing the Past just needs setting bits and pieces, Stars and Sprigs is very close to finishing, and I want to do Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery that starts soon (providing all the fabric I found in my stash really will work in her quilt design).  I’ve planned out Snow Days by Crabapple Hill, but that will be at least a year from now before that could be done.  And I’ve fallen in love with this….solids and log cabin are two quilting elements that have always been on my list! (although I think I’d turn the blocks in the centre to form a square rather than a star)

And then I found these strips that I cut at some time…

The problem is, as much as I enjoy quilting the quilt, I enjoy piecing at least as much or more!  So, I keep sewing and making tops…and quilting the tops….but I think the tops will always end up ahead of the quilted quilts!


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