Works in Progress


In the last week or so, I’ve been quilting my version of Pat Sloan’s Meadow Breeze.

Unfortunately, I really do need to take my Janome in for service.  It seems to be really happy for a while, then that darn top thread breaking starts happening again.  I need to make sure there’s really nothing wrong with it  before I continue pulling my hair out trying to find what I’m doing wrong!

I’ve completed the last block in the Piecing the Past Series.Included in this Craftsy course is setting instructions, using various small setting blocks to create an interesting layout.

And, I’ve been keeping up with Summer Reigns by Kathy Schmitz.

Yesterday I took a good look at my Grandmother’s Choice blocks that I’ve sewn to date…and I think I’ve decided that I don’t like the purple colour theme.  I’m cutting up fabric to re-make these blocks a different way!  Pics soon!

Stitch good thoughts!






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