Sunflower Block…geesh!



The Grandmother’s Choice block this week was one heck of a challenge.  The sunflower block had three main sections…the petals that form a circle, a centre circle, and background that went around the petal section.

I chose to hand-piece the centre petals.  I then thought I would machine sew the surrounding background …I guess my handpiecing wouldn’t win any awards, as I realized that I hadn’t quite formed a circle with the centre flower and my background was flopping all over the place in weird folds.  Hmmm…  So I decided to applique the background on top of the petals…I cut a square an inch bigger than the block size, cut out the  circle and carefully laid it on top of the centre so that the points would be pointy!  That worked out okay, and I was able to trim the block to a 8 1/2″ square shape!

The centre circle had to be made a bit smaller than on the pattern…if I used the original size, some or most of my inner points would have been cut off.  By making the centre circle smaller, I kept my points but did end up with some points that didn’t quite reach the circle.  Better that I think than lopped off points!


Sunflower Block, Grandmother’s Choice b.o.w.


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