Solved it myself!


I think all of us enjoy a trip to the sewing machine mechanic about as much as trip to the dentist…or worse!  My experience, and I’m pretty sure this has happened to many of us, is… take the machine to the mechanic and explain the problem with samples.  He then fiddles with the machine, cleans it, might make an adjustment or two (likely not the ones you expected) and returns the machine to you  ( in a week or two or three) with the words “it worked fine here; no problems found; must be something you’re doing”.  Arrggghhh..  And a $100 bill to boot!

So with that in mind, I was determined to figure out how I can fix what was my happy machine back to its good working condition.  I played with adjustments again all Tuesday morning.  Then gave up with a sigh that yes it will have to go the shop.

That’s when I found the Craftsy class on sale, the one I’ve had my eye on for a several days, Design It Quilt It by Cindy Needham.  All I can say is wow!   In the second or third lesson she covers tension, and as I’m accustomed to a vertical bobbin, I was happy to have some good visuals on adjusting a drop in bobbin.

My problem with my machine, it seems, was the bobbin tension was not near tight enough.  Even though I had been adjusting the spare bobbin case, I hadn’t yet tightened it enough to really solve the problem and once I did, voila!, thick threads, thin threads, my regular Aurifil, all making lovely free motion stitches with just slight adjustments to the top tension! I have no idea why the bobbin tension became loose over time, but its fixed as far as I’m concerned!

front of quilt, photo adjusted to try to show black thread quilting on the dark fabric

back of quilt, showing nicely formed stitches

Just another word about Craftsy…I had signed up a for a different free-motion quilting class and quickly discovered that there wasn’t much new for me in that class.  I contacted Crafsty about their class guarantee, and they refunded my money, no fuss no muss!


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