Blue and White Dear Jane


Yesterday I finished up the 84 setting blocks for my Dear Jane quilt.  I had been making these blocks in “batches” during the summer.


I had got to a certain point in the Dear Jane quilt when I decided I just didn’t want to make any more blocks!!  I had looked through the Dear Jane book at the various settings others had done, searched for pics on the web of various Dear Janes, and realized that some of the Janes I liked best weren’t the ones that used all the blocks in the original setting.

So I got to work on an Electric Quilt file of what I might do with the 90 ish blocks I had.  My favourite turned out to be using this “x” block as an alternate block.  I drew it in EQ, using various widths for the X band, and tried it both with the white band, blue triangles and with blue band, white triangles.  I played with various colours and arrangements.    Once I was happy I had to figure out how to sew the block!  I used the EQ rotary cutting directions to determine the cutting width of the X bands, and the dimensions to cut the triangles.  I did end up having to cut the triangles a little larger, and I cut the X bands about a 1/2″ longer than necessary so I could just trim the block into square later.

When I finished sewing the block, I marked a line down the centre of each X band and use my newest cool ruler to square up the block.  I bought this Tucker Trimmer ruler last spring, not so much to square up half square triangles but to square up blocks that has two diagonal lines.  I love the clear markings on this ruler!


Once I got those darn setting blocks finished, this morning I had to see what a few rows looked like!


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