Templates and Set-in Seams!


This weeks Grandmother’s Choice block presented me with the one block making technique that I really don’t like – set it in seams!

This is the method for preparing templates for this type of block, it’s what I’ve discovered work best for me.

First print the templates onto regular printer paper.  Rough cut and clue on to the paper sided of freezer paper.

Starch or use best press on your fabric.

I can accurately cut four pieces of fabric at once with this method, so I fold the fabric to a layer of four, or stack four rought cut rectangles…be sure to be aware of mirror image pieces to make sure you end up with the right pieces with the right side up!  Press the freezer paper to the fabric stack.

Cut out with a ruler, I line up the 1/4″ mark on the ruler with the solid line so that I can double check the 1/4″ seam allowance.

Once the fabric pieces have been cut, I use micron pigma pen to mark the seam allowances at all corners…on the wrong side of the fabric.

I used to rely on the 1/4″ mark on my presser foot, but I found that I just didn’t get good results.  The good line I’ve drawn tells me exactly where to pin, where to start and stop sewing.

I also use a very very small stitch, 1.2 or so, as I approach or leave those set-in seam corners.  This gives me a good tight seam without having to backstitch (set in seams do require a bit of pushing and pulling on sewed seams, and I don’t want anything coming apart!)


Amethyst block, Grandmothers’s Choice


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