Have you heard of Craftsy?  What a great place to take on-line classes!  Great teachers and subjects, and not just quilting but sewing, knitting, cooking…all kinds of things!

My first class that I took was Stupdendous Stitching…I should be writing about that first…but somehow here’s a post about another class:  Re-Piecing the Past.  I signed up for this when the class was on sale, because I love traditional patterns, I thought that the teacher , Kaye England, would offer some interesting history about how the block pattern came to be; and, I was hoping to pick up a trick or two about piecing.

The class has checked all the boxes for me!  Kaye has offered a great quilt pattern for blocks and setting; she gives some great facts about the blocks’ origins; and I have learned a few new tricks for piecing.  I’d recommend this class for beginners, but you do need some confidence as Kaye does seem to skip over some piecing steps after they’ve been introduced in a prior lesson.

Here are the blocks I had finished during July and August, followed by a block called Harriet Beecher Stowe.  The block with the flower applique in it is called “Rally ’round the Flag” and should have an American flag in the centre…while I have American roots, I am Canadian and so I put an orphan flower block in instead (although I guess I could have put in a maple leaf!).










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