Sandwiching Quilt Tops


Yesterday was full of surprises in my quilt room!  I went to my batting bin  with the intent of preparing Stars for a New Day for quilting…I was suprised to discover that I’m all out of  fresh batting – those still new and wrapped in their package.  So instead I had to rummage through the leftovers and strips cut from other quilts.  So I started to lay out batting bits, and finding tops to fit the bits.  Looking for quilt tops to fit the batting I could make, I found tops I had forgotten all about!  They never made it to my “list of tops to quilt”.  What a nice suprise.

To make a new piece of batting, I lay out pieces that will then make up a size appropriate for the top.  Let’s say I have two strips.  I layer one strip on top of another, and with scissors I cut a clean edge along both strips at once.  Then, its easy for them to butt together and use a zig zag stitch  to make a permanent join.

Cherry Berry Album blocks, machine applique, approx 36″x36″ This will be great in my daughter’s room, she’s hardly ever home now and hasn’t even unpacked in the new house!


A variation of Meadow Breeze, by Pat Soan. Wool applique. Approx. 42 x 42


Dresden wall hanging, (or table topper?) 24 ” 24″


The pattern is “From the Heart” by Lori Smith, using Farmer’s Wife blocks,
machine applique, 60″ x 78″



Twelve of Eleven, 42″ x 42″. I’m hoping that my new grandbaby will be a girl – I think I’d love for her to have this quilt!


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