Framed Sampler


This summer I wanted to get started on, or finish, putting together tops from sampler type blocks.  Dear Jane, Farmer’s Wife, and some 30s style blocks were the three on my list.

Sharyn Craig has a terrific book called “Great Sets” where she presents wonderful ideas for putting together quilt blocks into wonderful quilts.  This book was a great reference for me to come up with a setting plan for the tops-to-be.

First one that was finished was a group of 30s blocks that I set with bright blue, it will be a quilt for my niece Emily.


I drew the block from Sharyn’s book in Electric Quilt.

Then I decided to add a frame around the centre, to increase the size of the finished block, and so the size of the quilt.

Then I used the Serendipidity tool on the block table to merge my sampler block into the frame block

Then, I was able to play with my quilt, changing fabrics and colourings of the block.  I ended up with 30 quilts in my sketchbook, and at least 10 colourings of the block!  When I was done, I had Sharyn’s instructions on how to create the frame, and I also had some measurements from EQ to help me with the construction.


Stitch good thoughts!


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