Clamshell Border


The Antique Sampler quilt has a clamshell border, where each clamshell shape is english paperpieced, joined in a row, then appliqued on to the base fabric.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I had to make up my own method on how to do this consistently.  The centre blocks of the quilt are reverse applique circles…the fabric left from cutting those circles is what’s used in the clamshells.  A template makes it easy to cut the clamshell shape.  But now you have a piece of fabric with a 1/4″ seam allowance all around, so I pinned the paper piecing shape to the fabric to leave the seam allowance unfolded (as this will later form part of the seam allowance to sew the border onto the quilt)


The clamshells are then set together to form a row.  Each is joined along the side with the usual small stitching done for english paper piecing.


I quickly discovered that I had to determine a consistent point at which to stop the stitching….where was my “top” of the side?  Placing a pin at the stopping point let me make a consistent looking curve from piece to piece.


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