Summer stitching

Lots of hand sttching was done this summer, especially in July when it was so hot!  I got two rws of clamshells done for the borders on Antique Sampler.  The instructions for this part of the quilt were disappointing, kind of like…prepare 20 clamshells for each border.  I’ll post more tomorrow on just how I went about making and appliqueing them.
I worked on some of the blocks for Summer Reigns, a pattern by Kathy Schmitz.
Thanks to Gayle at Sentimental Stitches, I really got going on backbasting for preparing applique.  I had used this method off and on, but was never entirely happy with how it worked.  
I discovered that for me to be really able to see the holes left by the basting thread, I use a size 7 sharp needle – this needle is consistently thick all the way from tip to eye – and glazed hand quilting thread.  These holes also tend to give you a turn line even when you can’t see the holes!!
I got started on Jacqueline’s Album quilt…one I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never could seem to choose the right fabrics…so I’m making it as a block of the month from the Quilted Crow, it may not be yellows like I wanted in memory of my Aunt Jacqueline, but I’ll be sure to think of her everytime I sew it!

a block for Just Takes 2 – I don’t think I could have laid out this block so precisely
without backbasting prep!

a block from Jacqueline’s Album, showing basting stitches

Stitch good thoughts!
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