Why do I blog?


I’ve not posted all summer….because I’ve been thinking about why I blog.  First I have to say that I don’t like the word blog.  It just feels like an odd word!

If this is my quiltmaker’s journal, I should be writing a lot more about my thinking and planning, my mistakes, my wishes, disappointments, and success!  I should be writing every day!  I think one of the reasons why I don’t, is that often when I post a quilt plan, or an idea, that I’m sure I’ll follow through on….well, it doesn’t happen!  When I look through my posts, I see so many ideas that have come and gone.  But that shouldn’t be a bad thing…because really, it’s those ideas that lead to others and evenutally a wonderful quilt will come from it!

Another reason why I might not post as often as I should is that I find it difficult to share … there are so many quilting blogs out there, can I really make any contribution to anyone’s quilting adventures?  My answer to that, and I must remember this:  when I buy a book or a pattern, I may never make a quilt or block from that reference, but I will almost always pick up one nugget of information that is new to me.  So, my blog might just give that lightbulb moment to others!

I have been piecing and appliqueing a lot this summer, and I’ll be posting pics of my summer quilting soon!

For now, here’s a pic of my Stupendous Stitching finished piece.


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