Until they meet again….


Yesterday afternoon I started quilting the Farmer’s Wife meets Jane quilt…a nice sort of decorative stitch that stills goes forward only for dual feed, in the sashings of the centre part of this quilt.  A little voice in my head starts saying… I don’t like this quilt, I don’t like this quilt…the sashings are boring, the setting triangles are boring, and yes I shouldn’t have put a final border on it cause then it would be way too big (over 100″ square)…I don’t like this quilt.

This morning I continued along with the stitching on the sashings, now the little voice is saying…this is an ugly quilt…what a waste of batting…and backing.

So what do I do?  Take apart the quilt sandwich, trying to save as much of the centre part of the batting and backing where the stitching was done…the stitch I had chose made it very difficult to do this…then sit on the porch in the shade on a very warm morning and start taking the quilt apart, sections first.

What transformation will these blocks see next???


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