My daughter texts “sadface” to me when things aren’t going well.  That’s the first thing I thought of after yesterdays quilting adventure.

I began quilting Honouring Emma by straight stitching on the yellow sashing.  Right away I’m noticing problems,  a few spots where the stitching has almost come undone, some there it has completely undone.  As if there had been no tension on the stitches, or no seam allowance!  Two spots where the sashing was clearly not straight…as if a wider seam allowance was taken at one end.  Who sewed this thing?  What did I do while I was sewing it?!

I thought I’d keep going, and marked the open seams with a pin for hand sewing later.  When I got to the yellow inner border, that’s when I had to call uncle!

Do you see just how much that border corner does not line up with the border?!!!  How did I not see that before!!!

If this was a pieced quilt, it would have gone in the a dark corner for a long time.  But this was hand applique, and had to be saved and quilted.  So I ripped out the quilting.  I ripped apart the quilt itself.  And now I’m planning a new layout.  Uggh.


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