Just Takes 2 Compass Block(variation)


Have you ever known that you were not in tip top shape for quilting or piecing, yet you go ahead anyway?  And, you decide on a difficult block that does require a lot of thinking?  Well, next time I’ll just say no!

While on couch rest I eventually got strong enough to start hand piecing the compass block for  Just Takes 2.  I got so far, then decided I could use the sewing machine to attach the longer red point.  So I gather up my pieces and do that, and quite pleased with how it looks.  Then I think to myself, well I can sew drunkard’s path blocks by machine, so surely I can add the outer border to the compass by machine.  Well, this is looking good, I say to myself…but a little skewed.  Oh Oh!  Oh my!  Look what’s happened!

I cannot for the life of me figure out what has gone wrong…why I do not have enough circle left to add the fourth border, the block is no longer laying flat, and it just awful.  Its nearing dinner, and I’m so very tired.  Completely fed up.  I start looking through my books, and EQ, and the web, for another compass block I could use.  I start thinking about all the fabric I’ve used to mess this up, and all the fabric I would use to make another one.  Can I buy more of this red fabric?  Google search “Bonnie Blue basics red”.  Then flop on the couch.  When I go to turn out the lights for the night, out of the corner of my eye I see something in my sewing basket.  I spy…..a sixth of the circle!!  One that I had all hand sewn!!  I didn’t bring it into the sewing room, I managed to make a circle with 5 segments in stead of 6, oh geez.

In the morning, I rip out what I have to, add in the 6th segment, press it well, and baste the red square(that will be part of the inner circle) to the back.  Now, I start to plan and sew the little white ovals that form a circle in the centre.  I sew on a couple and realize there is no way these are going to cover the seam allowances, and really, this block is toast.

Back to the hand sewing, and part machine sewing.  Finally have the block looking good, fairly square, and the right size.  For the centre, I decided to do something different.  I’ve appliqued a white circle over the hole, and embroidered (stem stitch) the shape that would form the ovals.  Then I made my own little design that I thought of as a sand dollar.  There`s a really good feeling of accomplishment when one works through a problem block such as this.

Stitch good thoughts!


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