Bam!! Feathers!!


Look at these!  The feather drawing fairy has visited me!

The quilting on the red fabric is on my sampler quilt for this project.  The upper feather was the first one I did…I was bit thrown off at first by the white on red and watching the stitches form!  Then I got back into focussing on what I should be doing.   I have to thank Diane Gaudynski for presenting her method so well…this has been the key to me for making feathers, after years of trying various ways.

I’ve had a long week, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, but still a long week!  I struggled through the feathered star for the Just Takes 2 quilt.  Honestly, I have made much more difficult blocks but never made such a mess with re-cuts and ripping out as I did with this.  It turned out to look reasonably ok, at the size it should be, but I want to re-do it as I know just how much pressing and pushing and shoving this block took.  I want it to be a happy block!

I did get one pair of pants made.  The first pair was a disaster in fitting, my body has changed from pear to apple in the past few years and I didn’t realize just what changes were needed.

By Wednesday, I was needing some serious couch time…or porch time.  I did nothing really.  Just read and watched TV, no handwork or looking at quilt books or nothing!!

Then this morning I thought well the least I could do was practice some free motion.  Got my Horizon set up, grabbed a practice square that had feathers on it, and next thing you know I’m sewing my best feather yet!  And another one!  And yet another!  Well, I guess the past couple of days while I was sitting recuperating, my brain was quietly hatching some creative quilting, lol.


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