I’m getting a Janome 7700, continued….


I woke up this morning and realized yesterday’s post needed some clarifiction!  First the price…these are expensive machines, and “a couple hundred dollars more”, plus tax, does mean a lot to us!!  Anyone who knows me, or reads my blog, knows that I sew and quilt a lot…its about the only thing I do other than care for and worry about my family and friends.  If the machine I use to quilt isn’t giving me happiness when I do quilt, why not move on to another machine that will meet more of my needs, one that I can “bond” with?!

The Viking Sapphire was great in a lot of ways, especially the 10″ throat, great for the large quilts I make and less muscle power needed from me to manouever them through the machine.  After a a year or so of using the Sapphire, two things were becoming a problem that took away that joy of quilting…the “hover” mode was driving me nuts, which had to be left on as there was no knee lift, which I depend on to lessen arm movement; also the soft buttons to operate the machine required a fair amount of “push”, just one more thing that made it difficult to sew on some days.

The Babylocks were the Quest Plus and the Serenade, one a trade up for the other.  I liked these machines for a lot of reasons, mostly the built in dual feed when meant I could use snap on feet for dual feed work, regular size feet just like the Pfaff system.  It was so nice to quilt with normal sized feet, dual feed, and get the clear view that offers (versus, I know, the somewhat bulky Janome dual feed feet).  The smallish bed of the Babylocks, and a realization that free motion is really how I quilt the bulk of my quilts, made me miss my Janome.  It had the dual feed for when I needed it for sitch in the ditch and a bit of “decorative” stitching, the large bed for pushing through those large quilts, and easy to use functions.  So a few months ago I started looking for a used Janome 6600.  I couldn’t find one for less than $1500, which I wasn’t ready to pay for a used machine.  Finally, a call to the dealer on the weekend led to the discovery that the 7700 had dropped to $1999, so its coming home to me!!

My husband understands the importance of good tools…he has a double garage full of them! 🙂 He has saws, drills, planers, and i don’t know what all, one for every purpose.  he has a real talent for carpentry and other house trades, and his use of his shop tools have made a real difference in our lives.  I can only hope that my quiltmaking has done the same!


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