Thread! All kinds of thread!


I cleaned up my thread storage this weekend, and thought I’d share some pictures of my  thread collection….
after winding bobbins from spools with little thread, and putting threads back to where they belong, I find I have room for even more thread!!

this little unit of drawers came from an old sewing cabinet, in here I keep most of my quilt making threads.

top drawer, bottom line thread, small spools of cotton 50 wt., aurifil colours, and a container of specialty threads including fusible, metallic, serging yarn, 12 wt., monofilaent

second drawer, variegated threads (mostly), different brands, Sulky, YLI, Superior

third drawer, Connecting Threads threads

fourth drawer, neutral Aurifl threads on larger spools that I use for piecing and quilting

this little container I keep near on a shelf near my quilting machine, it has silk and invisafil threads that o I’m starting to use in my quilting, and sometimes in my hand applique

the sewing basket here contains all small spools aurifil thread and 60 wt., for hand applique

this huge collection is all polyester thread, 40 and 50 wt., that I used for garment sewing…I used to sew a lot of clothes, almost all of mine, several for my very tall and skinny 6`4“ husband, and some for my kids when they were little…I hope to get back to garment sewing some day


I really enjoy collecting thread of kinds!  I have jars of vintage thread in various places around the house, too!


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