Quilt planning changes


Early yesterday morning I was sewing the second of two blocks in the Mingelwood Sampler pattern..and I still wasn’t liking how the project was going.  The colours seemed so dull, even to me!, and I don’t think my background fabric was working.    This picture actually  makes them look better than they are!(why can’t my pictures always turn out that good!?)  The wovens were unruly, curling at the ends even with lots of Best Press.  If there was any un-sewing it was too easy to rip the fabric.  Just lots of things wrong.  I knew.that I really did have to start over on this sampler, something I kind of new at the beginning, but I was really hoping things would get better.

Now I needed to decide if this sampler really meant that much to me…and why…and what fabrics I’d use.  I wanted to make the Minglewood Sampler for a few reasons…I don’t have a full size Christmas quilt, I’ve never made a pieced quilt with red and green, I liked the idea of twelve inch blocks which are twice the size of the blocks I usually make, and I liked the applique centre….actually, there were a few good ideas in the book for setting the blocks.  So I played in my stash and came up with these.. I’ll see how it goes!

Update on the Minglewood Sampler….it is on hold indefinitely.  I went to make up a block in the red and green, and while I want a Christmas quilt…I’d like the colours or design to be a little livelier than what I have…more prints maybe.  I’ve also realized I’m tired of this quilt already!  I’m going to see what Judy Laquidara (Patchwork Times) and friends are up to with their Christmas Town Sampler, starting in July, and in the meantime, keep on the lookout for bargains that might make up the Sampler.

  I also very much wanted to make good use of the wovens.  I browsed patterns, magazines, books, and EQ, made a few sample blocks from this or from that, and none were making me happy.  There just didn’t seem to be enough contrast in the fabrics themselves, and I couldn’t find a neutral that would play nice.  And then, ta da!  I found this.   Natures Neutrals, in American Patchwork and Quilting, August 2010. And I had a stash of fabrics that would work great.  These are all fat eighth or smaller size pieces.The only thing that scares me about this quilt, is figuring out how best to cut and store the strips.  How many at once?  How to keep like with like?  How to pull out what I want to sew at one time?  Hmmmm…will require some thinking!

So now I’ve gone ahead and planned for two loooonnng term projects…and still nothing on the horizon for the quilts I should be thinking about, my cousin for her wedding in July, and my niece for college in August.


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