Monday show and tell


I quilted Sunshine and Shadow. ..and even used my new found skill with free motion leaves to create a kind of vine border!  A variegated orange/yellow was used to do the straight stitchng in the centre. This will be going into my son’s room…he has nothing! on his walls.  We moved house last summer; Scott moved from his childhood bedroom full of all the clutter and memories, into a “man cave” basement bedroom where he has a couch, bed, tv, and three different kinds of  computers!  Other than those things, he’s turned into a minimalist, only unpacking what he might need at that moment.

The centre of Pick up Sticks got sewn, along with one border piece.  Earlier last week I started on some of the border triangles so I could see the finished quilt might look like.  I made the quilt a bit smaller, after the borders are added it will be 62 x 79 inches…I’m keeping this quilt for us!  I think it will make a great couch quilt, and  I haven’t made us an  everyday quilt for a long time.  It will remind me that I *can* work in brights, and batiks!


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  1. Your quilting is wonderful I need to make time to practice.I absolutely love your pick up sticks. I love brights and batiks although my last quilt is very very dark – very unlike me. Maybe the virus took over my brain.

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