Quilt plans gone bad!


This has  been a slow week for me, without any machine sewing at all until yesterday afternoon.  I’ve done some hand applique, finishing one block, and making progress on a second (two more to go in this set)…they are to set in the centre of the Antique Sampler.

I got back at the sewing machine yesterday, to work on a few wheel of fortune blocks.  These are from the book History Repeated and I thought maybe they could make a nice quilt for my husband’s cousin who is getting married in the summer.   They are in their 30s and have a bit of a modern taste, but also traditional.  I thought I’d set these in zig zag pattern, maybe with black.  I’ ve made about eight blocks so far, and I’m thinking…no matter how I set these, this isn’t going to work for Linda and her fiancee.  Now what?

And then I pull out another project, “pick up sticks” from a pattern in Fons & Porter magazine, September 2011.  Hmmm,,,I don’t think this is going where I want to either!  This one was going to possibly be for my niece who is going away to school in the fall.  On second thought, I just might continue on with this one.  Its easy and making good use of my batik scraps.

So then I spent a couple of hours thumbing through patterns, and reviewing patterns on EQ, and here is the end of the story.  I don’t like to make a quilt particularly for a person in mind.  I have to want to make the quilt because I like it, no other reason, and then as a bonus, at some point in the quiltmaking the idea would strike that oh! this quilt would be great for so and so.  The people who have received quilts from me have, I know, really liked them and use them.  The quilts represents what I think  this person or couple would  enjoy having, and I’ve enjoyed making them.


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