Having fun making blocks!


I completed the group one January blocks for the Just Takes 2 quilt.  The orange persimmon fabric arrived and I fell in love, but after much to-ing and fro-ing, I decided that I just might get tired of all that orange, and that red and white is what drew me to the quilt in the first place

Before cutting out the block pieces themselves, I cut strips of each colour in widths that were called for in the cutting instructions.  I didn’t cut widths that were something plus 1/4″, deciding to use the 1/2″ equivalent piece.  I then labelled each piece on the selvedge with a pigma pen.

Some sewing, some applique, and even some red-work, and I’m happy happy!!

For that persimmon colour, I have an idea brewing… stay tuned!

I also got involved in a another sampler quilt (can’t hardly say no those!),  This is called Fundamentals block of the week, offered by Sew Sisters.  I chose the 30s colours, as I don’t do those much, and I could use some bright and cheerful in some of my work!  Haven’t they done a great job in picking fabrics?

Applique was the order of the day for yesterday, but not much done there.  I’m feeling a little behind in my hand applique….maybe too many on the go! My hand applique projects are Stars and Sprigs by Kim McLean, Antique Sampler by Sue Daley, some Dear Jane blocks, and My Whimsical Quilt Garden, by Piece O Cake.


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